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Dynamic Pricing Directly From PMS

November 21, 2018 at 8:41 pm · · Comments Off on Dynamic Pricing Directly From PMS

Dynamic Pricing Directly From PMS

As technology moves forward perhaps the most surprising thing is that we don’t have more and more time to ourselves…

Strategic price increases to reflect occupancy isn’t a recent advance, but now this facility is being included in some PMSs, so that rate increases are put into place automatically.

This is particularly useful for when a significant number of bookings are made out of hours – as availability goes down the rates go up and revenue is optimised!

Sometimes when I go to the technology shows I’m dazzled by the exhibits, but left wondering if many of them are really useful or just another thing to potentially go wrong…

Nothing wrong with having a dynamic pricing facility on your PMS.

When they get it right it’s great!

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